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Hoda Afshar - A Curve is a Broken Line - Survey Exhibition at the AGNSW - 2 Sep 2023 – 21 Jan 2024

Through her photographs and moving image works, Iranian-born, Melbourne-based Hoda Afshar examines the politics of image-making. Deeply researched yet emotionally sensitive, her work can be seen as a form of activism as much as an artistic inquiry. Afshar uses the camera to give visibility to those who have been denied it, resolutely insisting on the humanity of her subjects. She makes us contend with violence and brutality, not through blunt imagery but through evocation. Her work is sensitive and anchored in empathy yet also radical in the way it wrestles with injustice. This exhibition will feature photography and lm from the past decade to present a comprehensive overview of Afshar’s recent practice, including a newly commissioned series. Amassed together in dialogue for the rst time in a major public institution, these works offer a poignant reminder of the power of images and their coercive potential. An accompanying publication offers critical insight into Afshar’s work as well as creative and experimental responses from a range of writers.


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