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On Collecteurs's Substance 100_the top artists and activists contributing to global change

We will be presenting the list in groups to make it easier to digest. First up, we have an artist and filmmaker who explores the experiences of migrant diasporas globally; a collaboration by curators that considers how small-scale institutions can develop sustainable models; an artist’s collaboration with a hip-hop group to defy gentrification of historic neighborhoods; a coalition of artists standing up for those whose lives and livelihoods are placed at risk by predatory development; an institution facilitating the safe passage and hosting of persecuted artists; an artist exploring the effects of globalization and colonialism on youth in the Middle East; a curator exploring the medium of photography through an anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist lens; an artist focused on individual and collective experience and the overlap between the two; a filmmaker documenting the imprisonment of a journalist in an island prison for asylum-seekers heading to Australia; and an organization that provides humanitarian assistance to migrants in need. And here are the names…

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