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Masterclass at The Centre for Contemporary Photography on New Documentary Form: the image as evidenc

Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 September 2018, 10am–4pm

The documentary image: by embracing its reality as a fiction—by announcing its own presence—what it becomes is a sign. A sign that traces its own history. An evidence.

In this workshop, Hoda Afshar will draw on her experience as both a documentary and art photographer, as well as a researcher and teacher to explore questions about the nature and possibilities of documentary image-making today. Reflecting on her own concerns with the communicative and world-making power of art and photographs, Hoda will guide participants through her process of constructing narrative-based work that is both conceptually focused and personal, and which intersects the usual lines between ‘staged’ and documentary photography. Held over two sessions one day apart, attendees will be encouraged to bring their own work to the second session for a round table discussion. Hoda will provide individual advice about developing a visual language that reflects the thematic concern of each student’s work, and above all, about constructing an image series, as opposed to the traditional way of ‘saying everything in one photograph’.

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