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'Behold' showing at Horsham Gallery

Hoda Afshar: Behold

9 March – 14 May 2018

The public bathhouse is the site for Iranian born; Melbourne based Hoda Afshar’s poignant series of photographs that delve into the hidden lives of men. Alluding to the public realm, Afshar’s images reflect issues of representation, displacement, gender, and identity politics. Her photographs open up discussion in a world both homogenized by the global economy and unsettled by mass migration.

‘I was travelling in a city that I sometimes return to, and I got to know a group of gay men. There, where they live, these men (and many others like them) are mostly left to be. But only on the condition that they lead one part of their lives in secret… Only here, in this bathhouse, where their desire to be seen and embraced by others is played out the partial openness of these four closed walls.’

A Horsham Regional Art Gallery partnership exhibition with the Centre of Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

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