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Feature on Impressa Magazine: photography made by women

Thanks to Marina Trancoso for this beautiful write up on 'In the exodus, I love you more' featured on impressa magazine -- a young initiative dedicated to women working in photography: "A soft, nostalgic aesthetic is the most distinctive characteristic of Hoda’s work. When seen as a group, her photographs appear as a collection of reminiscences, as a glimpse into her subconscious. Showing a readiness to accept life’s duality, Hoda deliberately plays with the ideas of familiarity and strangeness to introduce us to–her own version of–modern Iran. Needless to say, the topic here is not the exotic Orient and all the clichés associated with it. Ultimately, this series is about the formidable task of redefining “home” once it has become an intangible feeling. And these pictures tell us that, after taking off for distant hemispheres, Hoda has now discovered how to see what she has already seen."

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