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My Story Included in Instagram's Exhibition "#MyStroryAU" in Melbourne.

Feeling privileged to have my work included in Instagram's #MyStoryAUexhibition, launching in Melbourne on the 15th September. #MyStoryAU is an initiative that celebrates the power and importance of the voices of fifteen female storytellers in Australia. The exhibition will be open to public on Friday 16th September at 524 Flinders Street, Melbourne.

My story is about migration. I left Iran nearly a decade ago and moved to the other end of the world, Australia. My camera documents the story of this migratory life that I'm living and explores the boundaries of belonging, home, culture and identity. Through photography, I measure the distance in-between my two homes and respond to specific social and political themes related to my personal journey, encounters and experiences. #MyStoryAU #femalestorytellers


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